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Balloon Magic Show

Balloon magic show


Ever wanted to hire a magician and a balloon twister? but the cost was to high. Well we my have what you are looking for a balloon magic show compines balloons and magic all in one show  


A light harted magic show - comment at a show

Christmas Magic show

                 1 hour magic show


same show as above

but christmas themed

I make a balloon raindeer

Normal Magic Show

                        1 hour magic show


The family balloon and magic show

if you ever wanted to see a full magic show this is the show for the family a full magic show with balloon twisting and classic magic 1hour show with Audience participation this costs £****** as there is more than just doing balloons (free balloon twisting afterwards)  


one of the trick done in the show

Tommy coppers bottle glass - class bottle

1 hour set up time magic show bank transfer


A light heated magic show ( said at show we did)


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PICT0054 th christmas-garland-clip-art bob and rabbit

why wait phone on 07767054772 and book now